Sunday, November 25, 2012

Turkey Time

Hello All!! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving Holiday with your family and friends!! The break just went by WAY to fast for me! How about you? Anybody do anything exciting? Now just 4 weeks until Christmas break, but hey who's counting huh? ;) Here is a couple of things from my classroom for thanksgiving! Hope you like!

My Classroom door with all the kids pictures on the leaves! 

The other door! The saying is from this really cute Youtube video that my kids just fell in love with! :)

Our class thankful tree made from a real tree branch! Each kid put 2 things on there and the ones who cant write picked a visual. 

We also had a feast and all of my 15 kids families came, there was 50 people in my room it was so awesome! All the food turned out so well! Hope everyone has a great week back at school! Please follow me and feel free to comment, I love comments! :)

Monday, November 5, 2012

Happy Late Halloween

Hey everyone!! I have been SO busy and just a really bad blogger and I AM SORRY!!! I promise to do better!! I am almost done with my masters in Special Education (May 2013)  and I just applied for the doctoral program at the University of Texas in Austin where I live... so fingers crossed I get in!! But here are some pictures from Halloween in my classroom! We had a blast!!

One of my doors! The kids pictures were under the windows!!

The other door!! The kids pictures were under the ghosts! :)

Some decorations around the word wall!! 

We did the book The Little Old Lady Who Wasn't Afraid Of Anything and I made this and the kids put it together, we used lots of language and acted the book out! 

I also made this for the book Go Away Big Green Monster and all the parts of the face are put on using velcro so they could easily be taken off and put back on to act out the story! My kids LOVED this! 

This is the principals door that I decorated for her! :)

Hope everyone had a great Halloween and are ready for fall and the holidays I know I am!! :)
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