Thursday, January 3, 2013

Community based instruction

Happy New years Everyone!!! 

So at my school we do community based instruction which is taking the students out into our community for them to explore and learn by using the skills we teach them everyday and connect them with the real world environment. We go to Target, Central Market, Barton Creek Mall, Randall's, Capital area food bank to volunteer, Bowling, and more. We walk to these places, take the city bus, or school bus, this way the kids learn as many way of transportation as possible. Here are some pictures of us bowling. Hope you enjoy! Have any questions please feel free to ask! 

Heres kind of a group shot of everyone! They just LOVE bowling and have the best time! 

They also have these awesome ramps for my guys to use that cant do it on their own! I love it because everyone can join in the fun! 

Look at that smile!! :) to cute!! 

Another great example of how everyone can bowl and use the ramps! SO awesome!! 

I'll be sure to show more pictures from the other places we go! I know with all the budget cuts its hard for a lot of schools to do this but I highly suggest it if you can! I have seen huge improvements and differences in my students from just one semester! 

Have a great day! Please follow me!! :) 

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