Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Magic Noodles

WOW the first two days back from the break have been crazy!! I got two new students and with all the rain my kids have been crazy! I am also really excited because on Friday I am leaving and going to Washington DC for my birthday on Monday with some girl friends! I am missing Monday and Tuesday next week so I am busy trying to get everything together for the sub! I wanted to do a quick post about these awesome things my adaptive art teacher showed me that my students LOVE. I swear they will do anything to play with these! 

They are called Magic Noodles! Any body else use them?? You can get them at Hobby Lobby- they are $6.99 but a lot of times there 30 or 40% off and if they aren't  and you have an I phone use the hobby lobby website and get a coupon for %40 off and they are even cheaper! These are fabulous for keeping kids busy, my children with autism are fascinated with them. They are like packing peanuts just dyed with food coloring. The student has to touch it on their tongue and then touch it to a piece of paper and it sticks. Then they can get two of the noodles and touch the ends on their tongues and the two noodles will stick to each other. The students love to make art work or what I call masterpieces with them. I also have my students make letters and words with them! 

Hope you all have a great first week back! Hope someone can find these useful and have as good of an experience with them with your children as I have! Please follow me and I love comments! :)


  1. Hi Holly - your blog design is soo cute. I just found you and am your newest follower. Welcome to blogging --- so much fun! I need to get my hands on those noodle things. I have a sight word pouch project that I want to add those to.
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  2. Hi!! Thanks so much for following me! I am following you now as well! And yes you need to get these! They are amazing!!