Monday, January 21, 2013

Sensory Board

I am enjoying this beautiful 70 degree day off in Austin today! Hope everyone else is off as well! 
Today my post is about a sensory board I had put in my room in October and then I added things that would stimulate specific needs for my students as well as things they don't like.  I use it for 3 of my students that are non-verbal and need a lot of sensory play to get them interested in things and to talk or make noises. This is also a way that they can make choices on things they want or don't want. I have one student that is working on reaching for things in front of him rather then to the side this has really helped him a lot. One of my other boys that uses it has CP and in a wheelchair. He is working on sitting criss cross in front of the board while keeping his head up instead of it just falling- controlling his head and neck. While sitting there he has to reach forward and crab things on the board. Here it is:

As you can see there is a verity of items on the board from music instruments, lights, or things that are  textured in some way. I can easily change the things out when needed. Does anybody else have anything like this? Or use anything like this? 

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  1. This takes me back...When I taught a different group than I have now I had several of these in my room. Is yours attached to the wall? That's a great idea - ours were portable which was somewhat nice, but pretty cumbersome, too, and we ended up leaving them in mostly the same place all the time, anyway. Love the lights!


  2. Kara yes its attached to the wall! I also had used one at my first teaching job that you could move around but seem to like this one better. Thanks for commenting!

    -Holly Phinney :)