Sunday, February 17, 2013

Picture Schedules

Hope Everyone had a great weekend!! It always goes by WAY to fast! Are you off tomorrow for Presidents Day? I am not :( we have parent teacher conference day and known of my parents wanted a conference so I guess i'll be finishing STAAR- ALT stuff! 
This post is about picture schedules for autistic students. I have had a lot of emails and questions about what do I use... So here are pictures!

The first one I use for a couple of students who are just starting out and they need the actual picture of the person or place that they are going to. The second one is for the next level which has a generic picture with the word of it underneath from Pictures With Symbols program or PECS. Each kid has one some where up in the room except the 4th graders are more portable because were trying to transition them into being more knowledgeable about what time it is and moving them on to middle school. Hope this helps and gives people ideas! I truly believe in the schedules for autistic child but it really helps kids with all disabilities! 
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