Sunday, February 24, 2013

New Furniture

Happy Sunday Everyone!!
I have had a great relaxing weekend! What did you do? 
I am so excited about this post! My school some how got all brand new classroom furniture! With all the budget cuts I don't really know how this is happening... and we really need more TA's but it is all really nice since our school is SO old! Any one else getting new furniture? 
Heres some pictures of it all! 

My new desk!! Its SO big!!

My TA'S new desk!!

My new BLUE kidney table and chairs that are to big for most of my little guys! 

New YELLOW trapezoid tables! 

New shelves/cubbies I am using for centers sorry its so junky looking right now! 

And lastly my FAVORITE thing we got!!! I love that its so organized with the colors and I put pictures of whats inside so the kids can easily see and know where to put that stuff back at on the outside of the container. I am using these for choice activities after they have finished an assignment. 

I made this chart that goes along with all the choices for my non verbal kiddos. :)

So thats most of the new stuff! Hope you like it all! Hope everyone has a great week of school next week! Thanks for stopping by! Please follow me! and leave comments or email if you need to! :)


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  3. I love the pictures on the cubbies of what's inside--what a great way to help kids clean up on their own. Your blog design is adorable!

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  4. I just found your blog from Fun in 1st and I'm a new follower! :)

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  5. RealOCteachers glad you found me! Thanks for following me!! :)

    -Holly Phinney

  6. Mrs. Payton, thank you!! :)

    -Holly Phinney

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