Friday, June 15, 2012

Communication Device

Working with severe special needs students most of them have a speech disability or are totally non verbal. One of my students is a 2nd grader who has Cerebral Palsy who has an aide that has been with her many many years and knows her signs and what she wants and needs from the way she's acting. I hooked her up with a device that will any one and every one know what she needs and wants. I think this communication device is amazing, I also got one for an older boy of mine this year as well. I know there's so many different communication devices out there and its hard to choose but I really recommend  this one if your in need!

This is what it looks like on the outside, it zips up and boys are blue. 

This is the inside, the top is the first page thats felt that holds different cards with Velcro. The bottom part is the actual talking device the student put the card on the little pink square and pushes down and it says whats on the card "Programed before" 

This is the 2nd page on top lots more choices for you to see examples of! Its so easy to use!

This is the 3rd page... lots of different choices as you can see... the possibilities are endless with this device! 

This is the last page you can see all the color cards and bigger cards because this student also has vision problems so the bigger cards help a lot! 

Another thing I love about this is it is a backpack! Easy to transport to and from home!

Hope you enjoy! What devices do you use as a teacher or your students use that really work good?

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