Monday, June 11, 2012

Door Decorations from the year and first post!!

Hello everyone! I am so excited to start blogging and sharing some of my ideas and talking with other teachers and professionals about more good teaching ideas I haven't thought of yet! I love sharing and collaborating with any one and everyone and as I just completed my first year of teaching I sure learned a great deal! I wanted to do my first post on my door decorations I did this 2011-2012 school year! The students I had were in a completely different atmosphere then what I exposed them to this year and they seemed to love it and really expressed that to me, they loved seeing there work all in and around their room and loved to show it off to everyone that they could! Here are some pictures!

This was November for Thanksgiving! 

Also did the Mayflower on the outside wall! 

This was for Fall...

This was the other side...

Along with this! Lost in September/October! 

This was during December for Christmas! One of my favorites! 

This was on the outside wall! 

These were some of our Christmas tree's and the Grinch Who stole Christmas Any time the kids did a good dead or were nice and kind they got to put a heart on him to make him good and like Christmas! The kids did such a great job and filled him all up with love (hearts)! 

We also did a lot about Christmas around the world and learned about all the different cultures in the world and how everyone else celebrates the Holidays! 

Some of our snowflakes! (which we never see) :( 

This was our tree for winter with some of our wonderful snowmen! 

These were our class doors in January! 

These were some of our Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. things! 

Heres some of our hybernation crafts and pictures! 

This was for the 100 days of school celebration! 

This was a unit we did in class for Black History Month and how we are all different colors but when we work together we can all achieve great things in our community and in the world! 

This was our door for Valentines day!! 

These were some of my kids hard work for Presidents day!!

These were my class doors for March! 

This was our clover field and tree for St. Patricks Day!

We did this to celebrate Dr. Seuss week and then we went and saw the Lorax in 3D! 

Easter Crafts!

Spring has Sprung! The flowers have the kids pictures in the middle! 

Our class Earth day promises! 

Life Skills is out of this world!!

Were blasting off in life skills! 

Wild about life skills!!

The kids Jungle animals! They did such a great job!!

Our Ocean wall was so amazing!! 

There's more than these... As you can see we did a lot of work this year! Our classroom was so warm, fun, and inviting!! :) 

Hope y'all enjoy! Please comment or if you have any questions please email me at 

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  1. That looks like so much fun! I love the "dive into life skills" underwater display- nice work!

  2. I can't wait to see this blog when you are finished with it! I will be looking forward to more post of things when you move to Austin! I will definitely be following you for future references and to stay in touch! Great job on your very first blog, you are legit now! :-)