Monday, June 18, 2012

Field Trips

This past school year I had the privilege of taking my students on some really exciting and get learning experiences for field trips! This was my first year and teaching and was nervous about a field trip at first... we had one planned in October to go to the Fair and Rodeo in Waco... but it got cancelled last minute :( I was really upset because my students just don't understand and they were looking forward to it for SO long. Here are some pictures of the field trips we did take though! please feel free to comment or Email me for questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!

For Halloween we went Trick-or-Treating around the town! The kids got SO much candy and it was great for their people skills and being in public as well as learning there town!

This is a group picture of when we all went to the green house that's part of the COOP across the street and that my school is involved with. All the kids got free plants to take home and we got one for the kids to take care of in our classroom that is HUGE now! This was a perfect activity/ trip for spring and talking about parts of a plant or flower and how to take care of them! 

Here's another picture.. They got to smell and feel all the different textures of plants and flowers they grow! 

There is a great children's museum in Waco and we took the kids there and out to eat for our last field trip this year! 

Lastly during Dr. Seuss week we went and saw the Lorax in 3-D and went out to eat but I didn't get any pictures :(  The kids LOVED it and did so well sitting with their glasses on the whole time I was SO surprised! 

Please follow me!! Hope you have a great day!

Love Always,

Holly Phinney 

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