Sunday, June 17, 2012

Equipment In My Classroom

Teaching in a special needs life skills class my students have a lot of severe disabilities. Therefore they need lots of different types of equipment to help them be successful in their everyday lives. Here are just some of the things my students use. If you have any questions please feel free to comment or email me at or Hope you enjoy!

This is a Rifkon Chair my student uses this when she is working a tray slides right on over the arm rests. It also holds her feet in place and the green button on top is used for her to push with her head when she needs something.

The same student also uses this to help her stand up. She stands in the middle or inside and it helps to get her stomach and other upper body muscles strong to help her to be able to walk.

This is her stander. I have several students that use these they stretch the kids out and allow them to be in a lay down position as well as standing up. 

This is her walker. She is in the middle all strapped in and it guides her as she makes each step.

She used this to help her sit up and get her muscels stronger and it worked she now sits up by her self all the time for a long periods of time now!

This rocker is used for one of my severally autistic children. He sits in it and rocks to keep himself calm  and happy. 

This is another one of my students walkers... He has Muscular Dystrophy and is digressing... When I first got him he could walk perfectly fine... He now can't walk at all by himself and is in a wheelchair... we want him to still walk and use his muscles when he can so we try to get him in here as much as possible. 

All my students use this for mostly OT/PT time but its also great for ADHD kids to sit on while they work! 

These are some tray tables we add on to kids wheelchairs so they can do work like everyone else and then take it off when its not needed.

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Holly Phinney 

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