Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Environmental Print Wall

I made this environmental print wall in my classroom this year so the students could see things they always eat and drink as well as places they go and when you would eat them i.e. Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner. The kids seemed to really enjoy it all the aides and my self helped fill it up way more than what is in this picture, I wish I had gotten my kids to bring stuff from home as well to help fill it up (idea for next school year) I even had one of my severe autistic kids pay so much attention and act more interested in it then I ever imaged he would have been! (I think because he new he had seen all the different things up on the wall many many times) I have seen this done many ways on Pinterest and in other classrooms but this worked best for the space I had and my special needs students!

Hope you enjoy and maybe this helps you to do something similar in your classroom! Have any questions please Email me at Hollyphinney@gmail.com or Specialsmartspecialhearts@gmail.com! Also please comment and follow me I would love it! THANKS!

Love Always,

Holly Phinney

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